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Shady Oaks Camp Daily Pick 3 Raffle

February 1, 2023 - February 28, 2023

1000 tickets will be sold numbered 000-999Tickets are $10 each

Every day during the month of February 2023, the Illinois Daily Game (evening Drawing) numbers are picked.

Whoever has that EXACT number is the winner for that day.

The payout is $100 per day and $150 on Sundays. Not bad for a $10 ticket!!

Also, if the same number is pulled during the month (and yes, it happens) you win again!

You have to match the numbers in the exact order and not in reverse or any other combination.

Example, if 258 is pulled, only 258 wins (not 285, 528, 852 etc.)

We will keep track of the drawing every day.

One ticket gives you 28 chances to win!!

Contact Mary Pisano for tickets at agnesmpisano@hotmail.com



Start: February 1, 2023
End: February 28, 2023
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Mary Pisano
Phone: (708) 912- 1341
Email: agnesmpisano@hotmail.com