All positions require staff to live on grounds from June 12th to August 13th. Possible extra 2 weeks of work if desired from rental camp after SOC concludes.  Salary and room and board included.  HDC, Programmers, and Counselor do not require any experience just a willingness to learn. 


Live In Camp Caretaker

Shady Oaks Camp is currently looking for a live in camp caretaker to start immediately. Caretaker must live on camp grounds in house provided.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, equipment, vehicle and building maintenance and repair, grounds keeping, janitorial, plumbing,
electrical, carpentry and other duties assigned by the Maintenance Committee.

This is a full time job and requires person to be on call. Applicant should be a self-motivated, responsible person with basic knowledge of technology
(Email, You tube, internet, etc.). Must be in good health and able to perform all duties of job (gutter cleaning, mowing, lifting, etc.).

Benefits include Home with utilities, stipend, and meals during summer operation.

Interested parties should send resume to Scott via email

Programming Staff

• Responsible for Daily Schedule
• Directly responsible to the director
• Responsible for keeping Ford Hall clean and organized
• Responsible for all materials: Inventory at beginning and end of camp, ordering of materials, instructing counselors on adaptation of materials readily available
at all times.
• To work within the budget allotted for the Activity Program
• To develop a program of activities best suited to campers abilities and limitations
• Responsible for seeing that counselors and campers get fully involved in every activity
• Responsible for seeing that counselors remain with their campers during activities
• Responsible for providing the director with a copy of daily activities at least 24 hours in advance and notifying the director of any changes to this schedule as
soon as possible
• To contact people/groups/bands and write thank you letters after quality programs
• Responsible for planning Open House decorations with HDCs and planning the Open House performance to be given by all campers and staff
• Responsible for planning the Banquet and 4th July
• Responsible for the operation, maintenance and daily cleaning of the pool
• Charged with the well-being of all staff and campers utilizing the pool
• Any other duties assigned by the director

Head Dorm Counselor

• Responsible for the overall well-being of campers in their dorm.
• Responsible for being well informed on each camper in their dorm.
• Supervisor of counselors assigned to them
• To deal with any conflict in the dorm first before bringing it to the attention of the director.
• To stress safety with regards to wheelchairs – no running with the wheelchairs or no staff are to sit in the campers wheelchair.
• Responsible for notifying parents approximately 3 days before a camper runs out of items so that parents can supply them rather than running out to purchase
items that are at home.
• Responsible for checking all camper care sheets and BM sheets on a daily basis and notifying the nurse or director if any problems arise.
• To set a professional example for the counselors (i.e. rules and regulations, gossip etc) to follow.
• To cooperate with programming staff, kitchen staff, medical staff etc concerning the special needs of campers.
• Responsible for making sure all campers’ nighttime equipment, supplies, and necessities are provided for CQ’s.
• Responsible for camper reports at the end of the summer.
• To be respectful towards all counselors in your dorm and towards all members of staff.
• To be able to communicate clearly and pleasantly to all members of staff.
• To be fair and non-biased toward all staff.
• Responsible for letting your counselors know where you are at all times, in case you are needed.
• Sleep in the room in your assigned dorm
• Required to do dorm duties
• Any other duties assigned by the Director


• Responsible for the safety and well-being of the camper they are assigned to for the day
• Directly accountable to the HDC of the dorm in which they are working in
• Responsible for bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding and assistance of personal needs that each camper has
• Required to do dorm duties at least twice a week
• Responsible for entertaining their camper during down times / when no set activities are planned such as after lunch and after dinner before evening activity
• Respectful to all campers and staff at all times
• Required to speak English at all times when working with campers
• Required to stay with their camper at all times
• Required to be on time for all activities and in the mornings when reporting for work and after breaktime each day
• Required to participate fully in every activity at camp with energy and enthusiasm
• Required to do lysol in their staff dorms once a week and keep their rooms clean and tidy

Kitchen Staff

• Responsible for performing job duties as directed by cook (his/her immediate supervisor)
• Responsible for assisting Chef with meal prep
• Responsible for clean-up in kitchen and dining hall daily
• Responsible for reporting all equipment breakdowns to the director/Caretaker
• Responsible for assisting Chef in planning and implementing a menu.
• Assist Head Chef in food ordering, and inventory
• Any other duties assigned by the Head Chef or Camp Director
• Hours will be set by Chef, but typical day starts at 8am and ends at 7pm with periodic breaks during the day. Residence on camp grounds is highly recommended for the duration of camp (Mid June to late August)
• Will County/State food and sanitation is recommended but not required